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Top 7 Reasons to Take an Ocean Tour on Catalina Island

Located off of the coast of Southern California, our stunning Catalina Island is a harbor for some of the best marine adventures in the world. Just 100 steps from our Inn, the sparkling waters of the Pacific beckon people from near and far to partake in an ocean adventure. Take a look at these seven reasons to take an ocean tour on Catalina Island, and then choose the tour adventure that is right for you.

Ideal Pacific Waters

The time has finally come to get into that summer state of mind and take advantage of the stunning ocean that breaks upon our shores. The Pacific Ocean is starting to warm up around this time of year, with water temps around the 70s. You’ll also find the waves a bit calmer compared to the winter months, better for all kinds of water activities.

Undersea Sub Expeditions

An ocean tour…in a submarine? This unique Semi-Submarine Excursion is a once-in-a-lifetime experience to fully immerse yourself in the vibrant underwater life around the island. Get up close and personal with a tour on The Nautilus and enjoy your own seat and a porthole to look out of!

Unique Marine Environment

Did you know that Catalina’s marine environment is considered one of the healthiest in the world? While we often indulge in the island’s on-land wonders, we do take pride in the healthy marine life around the island (especially in Lover’s Cove Marine Preserve). The diversity of undersea life you will see, no matter the tour you take, is sure to blow you away!

Glass Bottom Boat Voyages

These Glass Bottom Boat Voyages are second to none! With “glass bottom” windows on the floor of the boat, this is the perfect way to gaze into another world entirely. As one of the most famous ocean tours on Catalina Island, you don’t want to miss this.

Cruising the Rustic Coast

Remember our stunning Green Pier just a short walk from our Avalon Hotel? Well, one of our favorite ocean tours departs from right there and travels to Two Harbors and back on the same day! Cruising along the rustic coastline in the Cyclone power boat, you can take in Avalon and Two Harbors from the sea (a unique and beautiful view). Take a day trip to explore the shops and sights around Two Harbors before returning to our lovely village, or opt to stay on the water the whole time. You can make this cruise as long or as short as you like! These seasonal cruises sell out fast, so make sure you book early to secure your spot on this romantic cruise.

Flying Fish Voyages

The best time to see Catalina Island’s world-famous marine aviators take flight is at night, under the moonlight! Flying fish voyages are in full swing this summer as boats eagerly go out to catch a glimpse of this natural phenomenon. This voyage under the stars is the ultimate way to enjoy a peaceful summer night.

Scuba Adventures

With over 90 ft of visibility, our corner of the sea is a true natural wonder. Whether you pride yourself on scuba diving on some of the most beautiful coastlines in the world or just looking to gain a memory that will last a lifetime, Scuba Adventures around Catalina Island is a great place to be. Kelp forests, sea lions, and vibrant underwater colors are just one dive away.

We hope you found exactly what you were looking for after exploring these seven reasons to take an ocean tour on Catalina Island. No matter where you are, we hope you remember your ocean tour on our pristine coastline with joy and happiness for many years to come.

Just can’t get enough of the sea? Make sure to book one of our Ocean View Rooms for the picture-perfect view to round out your island getaway. Check availability today.

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