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An aerial view of the Green Pier, photo courtesy of Scott Fairfield

The Green Pleasure Pier on Catalina Island

Colorful and charismatic, the Green Pleasure Pier on Catalina Island is a magnet to tourists and locals alike. You may have seen it on travel websites, postcards, or social media posts. Explore this charming pier that has stood the test of time. With its stunning green buildings, sparkling blue waters, and bright and lovely ambiance, Pleasure Pier is everything you could want…and more.

Within walking distance from The Avalon Hotel, we recommend taking a day to check out and experience all that our famous pier has to offer. If you book one of our ocean-view rooms, you’ll see the Green Pleasure Pier and more from your walk-out balcony.

Explore the Rich History

With all of the beauty surrounding our special island, it is no surprise that the pier has a rich history. Did you know that multiple piers have been built there since the late 1800s? They have been a beacon of unity and gathering through storms, changes in ownership, and a growing population. The heavy congestion of boats, fishermen, tourists, drying fish, and more became an issue. In the early 1900s, the Green Pleasure Pier was constructed. In 1919, It was painted green and has remained intact and colorful ever since.

The Green Pleasure Pier is one of those magical, charming places that appear untouched by time. Step into a little piece of California’s history this spring to understand why it has such a special place in our hearts.

Fishing with a View

A common question we get asked is whether or not fishing is legal on Pleasure Pier. It is, hooray! As Catalina Island’s official weigh station for fishermen, Pleasure Pier is the ideal place to set up for a long day of fishing. Offering some of the best fishing spots on the island, it is also a great place to spy on the catch others bring in to weigh that day.

While the sunshine, good food, and sparkling blue water will ultimately make for a good day, there are other perks to fishing on Catalina Island. You may catch several different types of southern California fish species you won’t see when fishing on the mainland. Swordfish, marlin, sheepshead, blue perch, calico bass, and even yellowtail are just a few species that could end up on your hook.

Boating, Swimming, and More

Visit the Catalina Island Visitors Center first when you arrive at the pier. There, you can explore all of your options and get more familiar with Pleasure Pier and Avalon.

Green Pleasure Pier is the starting place for most of the island’s water activities. Take a boat tour, enjoy the beach, rent a paddleboard or kayak, or purchase fishing gear and beach necessities at any booth along the pier. Check out some of our favorite local spots to enjoy your beach vacation. Don’t hesitate to ask for suggestions — we’re always glad to help.

Avalon Seafood & Fish Market

This generational restaurant is a must-see. Many still refer to this island favorite as Earl and Rosie’s Seafood Place. This beloved seafood shack offers locals and tourists some of the best food on the island. Did you know that Earl and Rosie were some of the first people allowed to obtain permanent residence on Catalina Island in 1945? While Earl worked daily as a fisherman off the Catalina coast, Rosie worked hard to open their now-famous seafood place. In 1967, they started this thriving restaurant that has become a beloved staple of the community ever since.

No trip to Avalon is complete without stopping by Earl and Rosie’s Seafood Place for a beach-front lunch consisting of some of the freshest seafood in the area. Featured on Food Network, Rosie’s, (that’s what the locals call it) but is now owned by Avalon Seafood, is best known for their varied seafood menu and picturesque location right on the pier. Order shrimp, fish and chips, crab, clams, and much more, cooked any way you could imagine. Don’t worry; they also serve adult, ice-cold beverages — the perfect recipe to cool off on a hot and sunny day. Rosie’s is the place to enjoy a quick bite or a leisurely lunch while watching people and a gorgeous view. We recommend making time to eat at Rosie’s at least once during your Avalon getaway — you won’t be sorry!

Address: 18 Pleasure Pier, Avalon, Catalina Island, CA 90704
Phone: 310-912-9151 

The other restaurant on the pier is Eric’s on the Pier. You can’t go wrong here either!

Immerse yourself in the colorful charm of the Green Pleasure Pier on Catalina Island. This Mediterranean-like oasis is the picture-perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life. We hope you enjoy this historical and breathtaking pier as much as we do — it really is something special. Of course, we would love to host your stay after a long day of adventure and sunshine: Enjoy our boutique hotel in the coastal paradise of Catalina Island.


Featured photo courtesy of Scott Fairfield

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