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Kayaking Around Catalina Island

Have you already escaped from the big city to the lovely Avalon village? Looking for a way to make your getaway even more serene and relaxing? For us, time on the water always brings an overwhelming sense of calm and a much-needed reset. Kayaking around Catalina Island to see the sparkling shores, soaring slopes, exotic caves, and more is just what you need. Check out these simple tips to make your water adventure a reality.

Be Prepared

When preparing for your kayaking adventure, we recommend starting with the basics: a water resistant sunscreen with a high SPF, a comfortable swimsuit, water-friendly shoes, sunglasses, a hat, snacks, and plenty of water! It can get hot as you skim across the waves, so it is always best to be over-prepared.

Also, check the weather, bring a friend along, and, as always, follow the Leave No Trace principles!

Rent a Kayak

There are several options for renting a kayak + life vest located conveniently close to the hotel. Check out these shops:

Have your own kayak you want to bring? That is perfectly fine! But you will need to make separate arrangements to ship the kayak to the island via Avalon Freight Services. The ferry services won’t let you bring a full-sized kayak or paddleboard on the boat but may allow smaller surfboards and collapsible kayaks or inflatables. Make sure you check with ferry service about their luggage restrictions. A small fee may apply for extra equipment.

Kayaking off the coast of Catalina Island is a must try adventure for any skill level.

Kayaking Around the Island

Did you know that Catalina Island has around 62 miles of coastline? And yes! You can kayak all around the shores of our special little island off the coast of California. However, we have a few preferred routes that are tried and true and ready for you to face head-on!

While kayaking around the island is a great way to get up close and personal with the ocean and marine life, it is important to plan out your day properly. There are longer excursions available, such as long multi-day routes from Two Harbors to Long Point to Avalon or even exploring the island’s western side. The Catalina Conservancy has several coves for boat-in camping on the lee side of the island. We recommend consulting kayak guide professionals for any of the longer kayaking trips you have in mind.

The eastern side of the island, where the Avalon Hotel sits perched just 100 steps from the coast, is where most people opt to fulfill their kayak adventure. The water generally feels smoother here, and is conveniently close to many of our recommended kayaking companies. Whether it is your first time out on a kayak or you are a seasoned professional, we still recommend consulting our local kayaking professionals. Or, book a stress-free guided kayaking tour that can accommodate your skill level.

Another great option is simply paddling or swimming close to the shores around the pier or opting to simply bask in the sun for an exciting yet leisurely summertime adventure! Check out what the rental companies have in stock for you to find the activity that is right for you.

Kayaking along Catalina Island’s rugged coast is a must-do experience. There is nothing quite like it. Whether you kayak through the coastal caves along the stunning shoreline or go further out for even more peace and quiet, we hope the sea soothes and takes all your worries away.

After returning your kayaks, stick around for a bite to eat at one of our delicious local restaurants to regain your energy. We would love to host your stay at our boutique hotel. End your night with a refreshing shower, a cool drink on the rooftop, and a cozy bed for those aching muscles. Book now.

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