During these challenging times with the COVID-19 Pandemic, we deem it essential to inform guests of guidelines and processes at our hotel in order to provide as reassuring an environment as possible for our guests and associates. Primary to these guidelines is the asking that cloth masks be worn.

Specially Trained Cleaning Methods

Here are some measures we have implemented to work towards a more sanitary and reassuring experience, for all:

  • All of our staff have been trained on ‘Universal Precaution’ methods
  • Housekeeping staff wears disposable gloves at all times during cleaning, and wear a new pair as necesssary
  • Housekeeping staff has been taught the proper method of removing gloves, and proper disposal to avoid cross-contamination
  • All laundry is bagged and sealed in room

High-Touch Spaces Cleaning Procedures

The housekeeping staff have been trained to look at the guest rooms differently and clean all of the areas that are touched regularly with disinfectant:

  • Door jams, the sides of doors (just above the handle)
  • Remote controls
  • Sides of shower curtains
  • Tops of headboards
  • Electric sockets and around charging stations
  • Chair frames
  • Showerheads + shower valves as always
  • Hair dryers – the body, plug, and cord

Special Cleaning Procedures

We have also implemented processes to clean the areas that most people seldom think of:

  • Disinfect seats, and all areas that are commonly touched by guests in lobbies and common areas
  • Add disinfectant to all rug shampoo operations
  • Added hand sanitizers on each floor and complimentary hand sanitizers in each room

Additional Measures

  • Modified breakfast procedures with guest usable gloves and sanitizers in the service area
  • Spread breakfast tables so that they meet the safety distance standards that are currently in place. Breakfast can be eaten outdoors or in your room.
  • Ellumi Biocide lighting has been installed in every guest bathroom
  • More frequent use of blacklights in room inspections
  • In our outgoing receipts of stay, we ask to be informed of any guests that exhibit influenza-like symptoms within 7 days of departure


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